THE BRIDGE PROJECT (Il Ponte series)

“The bridge” is part of the artistic production that I started to develop in 2018 with CoPics Art Collective, in which I started working on the “affections” subject and it has changed along the creative process. Its a multimedia project that includes paintings, drawings, videoart, installation and photography.

The bridge is a subjective means that transports us, that connects us, that makes us go further to the other side, not necessarily the opposite side. Here the bridge replaces something objective – a bridge can be a kind of exchange. Once there is a connection, there is an exchange, there is a transformation when knowing the other one, the other side, the other

possibility. There is no need to get anywhere else, but continuing to exchange, to arrive to the other side, the meeting perhaps, and not only,  would be a possible word to fit the idea. They are experiences that work as an invisible bridge connecting people, bridges between myself and those I get in touch with, between myself and the surrounding world. Experience in itself transforms the subject, the places, the perceptions. It does not mean positive or negative thing, it means meeting. The contemporary art that I create tells less about the object and more of the possibilities that can emerge from it.

Serie of 16 Acrylic painting on paper acid-free 210g/m2,14.5 x 21 cm.

DeniCorsino, 2019-2020. Painting. Acrylic, oil pastel and ink on paper Hahnemuhle acid-free 300g/m2, 50 x 65 cm. Request more info and pricelist about this artwork and the entire Collection clicking here.

DeniCorsino, 2019-2020. Painting. Acrylic, collage, oil pastel and ink on canvas, 1 x 1.50 m

>> Request more info and pricelist about this artwork and the entire Collection.

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